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Operationalizing Organizational Curiosity


All year long we've discussed how to get the most out of the insights we create. We've discussed how to drive the most significant ROI through our departments and to the bottom line of the organization. We've taken a leap beyond media measurement and discovered action points for immediate impact while that space develops. And we'll next discuss how to make the most out of the relationships we've got with the stakeholders we serve. But what about ‘the human?’ How can we better serve the humans that comprise our teams and the humans that benefit from all of that work we've been doing all year? We dedicate this session to answering those questions. 

11:00AM Insights Talent: Managing With A Greater Understanding Of Temperament

Learning The Five Factor Model of Personality Traits

  • Understanding and interpreting talent better to optimize output

  • Aiming for collaboration and cultural harmony

  • Appreciating a diversity of thought, process interpretation and execution

  • Increasing quality of output through a greater understanding of the human inputs

11:30AMCase Study: Spotlight on Success

We spotlight a particular success story from within the industry.

11:50AMPractical Application: Enduring the During

Knowledge sharing tends to focus on before and after. But the heavy lifting is done in the middle. The Practical Application session focuses not on the before or after but on 'enduring the 'during' of a project. 

12:10PMUse Case: Unpacking the How & Why

We unpack the how and why of a new-look methodology or tool. Rather than focus on basic information around industry resources, we dive in to understand how and why it's being used in a specific case.

12:30PM Diving Into The Collective Behavioral Sciences 

The collective behavioral sciences of psychology, psychobiology, anthropology and cognitive science offer a rich source of insights and causal understanding for insights organizations. The insights organization is tasked with not only understanding but applying a behavioral science approach but the application of not one but four sciences. We review what Insights organizations need to do now to prepare internally for the outcomes of the behavioral sciences and ultimately operationalize organizational curiosity about human behaviors. 

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