29 November - 1 December 2023
Allianz Mico, Milan, Italy

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Call for Papers

Submission deadline: Friday 14th April 2023 

The Biostimulants World Congress is the world’s leading event on agricultural biostimulants, which are increasingly used in crop production. It is an international scientific and technical gathering to review the latest knowledge in this field.

Conference papers contributed to the understanding of the role and use of biostimulants in agriculture, including: 

  • a) Plant biostimulants in the circular economy and sustainable agriculture

    b) Plant biostimulants in the cropping ecosystem - resource use efficiency and crop resilience in the face of climate change

    c) Monitoring and measuring the efficacy of plant biostimulants - experimental design, crop phenotyping and combination with precision agriculture

    d) Biological mechanisms of biostimulation function - understanding crop and agroecosystem function for the designing of new products

    e) Plant biostimulants, the microbiome and soil health

  • English will be the official language of the conference and all papers/posters will have to be delivered in English.

To help maximise and present as many scientific papers and developments as possible, the 2023 Biostimulants World Congress will provide 3 oral presentation options to select and 1 poster display option:

  1. 1. Submit an abstract for oral presentation on the main stage at BSWC 2023
    Please note for this category no product talks, mention of products or sales pitches are permitted.

  2. 2. Submit an abstract for oral presentation of a poster during our poster presentation sessions 

  3. 3. Submit an abstract for oral presentation for our showcase & innovation stage in the exhibition hall / showcase stage session
    For this category products/ technology can be mentioned however no sales pitches are allowed, rather educational discussion is encouraged. Farmer feedback/ application of products and product demo’s are acceptable.

  4. 4. You can also submit an abstract for poster display only.

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