Form partnerships and meet biostimulant producers and distributors at the world's largest event on plant biostimulants.

“NewAg Biostimulants Conference is the premier event of new farming, leading the way in disseminating of technical and regulatory information in the world of organic chemistry in agriculture. It brings together all the major players in the industry. Over time it has become our must-attend conference.”
CEO, Waikaitu Ltd 

“As interest and the market share of biostimulants has increased, so have efforts to gain a scientific understanding of their biological action. These studies are providing compelling evidence of broad and specific modes of action, in addition to proof of efficacy in helping tackle agricultural challenges. The Biostimulants World Congress is a great venue to share science-based approaches in the biostimulants space to strengthen the industry as a whole.”
Molecular Biologist, Acadian Plant Health Division | Acadian Seaplants Limited 

“Our legacy for future generations is to lead a revolution in agriculture that clearly demonstrates the power of sustainable and regenerative solutions in creating better food and feed while also improving the health of the planet.  AlgaEnergy continues to build on our success in developing these solutions:  our expanding product portfolio is based on biological solutions derived from organisms that have adapted over millions of years to thrive in their environment.  Such solutions are key to fulfilling our legacy, and I look forward to seeing the many innovations our industry is championing at this year’
President, AlgaEnergy International Agribusiness 

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29 November - 1 December 2023
Allianz Mico, Milan, Italy

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