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Coupon and Copay

The largest and longest standing forum focused on the role of coupon and copay programs in assisting in patient access and affordability to higher priced drugs.

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Coupon and Copay is the must-attend event focused specifically on collaboration, key trends and innovative program design related to coupon and copay programs. 

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Learn about who you can meet at Coupon and Copay.


Stand out from the crowd with a thought leadership opportunity. Increase your brand perception and engage with clients by showing your innovative ideas. 

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Gain valuable insights from our roster of industry experts.

To best meet the needs of both traveling and stay-at-home audiences, Coupon and Copay 2021 will be a HYBRID event, combining live and digital experiences that showcase all of the content from the live event with additional keynotes, panel discussions and meeting schedule to be fully inclusive to those unable to attend in person. Prepare to dive into the latest industry updates, collaborate with a multi-stakeholder audience and opportunities to expand your network.

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Coupon and Copay | Sponsorship Opportunities
Coupon and Copay | Sponsorship Opportunities

Benefit from multi-stakeholder collaboration and discuss methods to overcome access challenges and enhance patient affordability

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“I felt the content was excellent. The focus on government regulations and accumulators was right on; the quality of most of the speakers was very good.”

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