MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 20 | 9:00–9:45 am EST

Find out about the Timmerman Traverse here.

Look for a hiker you may know and donate here to the Timmerman Traverse benefiting Life Science Cares.

BioPharm America™ Digital is an international partnering conference hosted by EBD Group taking place September 2023 on partneringONE®. Find out more about BioPharm America here.

Who will you meet during the networking session?


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Join our Open Virtual Networking:
Kickoff Coffee with The Timmerman Traverse Crew

Start your day with a cup of coffee and connect with life science leaders who are involved with The Timmerman Traverse. This session will take place as part of BioPharm America Digital and is open to the public through this sign-up page.

The Timmerman Traverse benefitting Life Science Cares will take an intrepid group of hikers 23 miles across the Presidential Traverse in the White Mountains over the course of three days in mid-September.

During this networking session, which is open to the public, members of the hike will share stories, discuss why giving back to the industry is important to them, and share information on future trips.

Luke Timmerman
Founder & Editor
Timmerman Report

Alice Pomponio 
Managing Director
 American Cancer Society BrightEdge

Julia Owens
 Founder and 
Former CEO
Millendo Therapeutics

Sarah MacDonald 
Executive Director 
Life Science Cares

Katherine Andersen
Head of Life Science & Healthcare
Silicon Valley Bank