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Forge valuable cross-border partnerships at ChinaBio® Partnering Forum Digital.

August 25–27,2020
Delivered Digitally

China Standard Time

Bringing together—digitallyleading life science companies from around the world with hundreds of China-based innovative companies for cross-border partnering, ChinaBio® Partnering Forum is the most important China-focused annual biopharma partnering event.

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China Life Science Investment and Partnering Activity: 

A 10-Year Retrospective 


China life science has come a long way from its beginnings as a place to cut costs by offering inexpensive basic lab work. It is now a serious source of innovative drug candidates, as well as the second largest pharmaceutical market in the world. China can no longer be ignored. 

Topics in this report Include:

  • PE/VC Fund Raising 
  • VC Investing 
  • M&A Activity 
  • IPOs
  • Partnering Activity

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