End of Year Wrap Up: 2022

As we approach the end of the year, it’s time to sit back with a fresh cup of tea, look out the window at the falling snow, and…think about what a significant year it’s been for fintech, of course! 

2022 was a schizophrenic year in our industry. The past year offered real solutions to significant problems unearthed by the pandemic, but also the beginnings of a course-correction that is slowly working its way through the fintech sphere (and the larger tech ecosystem). 

One fundamental aspect of the fintech industry is that it has always been able to hold two diametrically opposed truths at the same time. Right now, both of the following statements are true: 

1) the future of fintech is as bright (or brighter) than it’s ever been, and 

2) there are still more painful situations coming for us in 2023.

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