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The world is changing fast, and the insurance and insurtech industries need to change fast alongside it, or be left behind. 

As we has gone through the process of enforced change, the big question facing our industry is essentially the same as the one facing the entire world right now: what is the new “normal” going look like?

But before we get there, we're living through a moment that people will remember. Customers will remember how they were treated by their banks and insurance providers, and financial institutions will remember which tech companies helped them take care of their customers (and which didn’t). It will be important to stay focused on the big picture, and get remembered for the right reasons. 

Stay ahead of the curve and read up on our exclusive insights from analysts working in the fintech space, including articles on

  • 2020 trends in insurtech and the technology that sets the standard
  • Touchless UI in insurance
  • Lemonade, Root, and the future of insurtech
  • Why UK challenger banks haven’t taken on the insurance market
  • How automation can help insurers build resilience and rebound stronger from COVID-19
  • Why insurance is the next frontier for embedded finance

We hope you enjoy it! 

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